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A Secret to Helping Your Child Love Reading

Several days ago, my wife shared with me what had happened between her and our son Yan after she bought the groceries at the store.

“The moment we stepped out of the store, Yan ran up to me and grabbed all the heavy bags I was carrying, insisting that he should carry them instead. Of course, I was very pleased to see his enthusiasm, but I was also taken aback: how did it happen? We had never asked him to help us carry bags unless he wanted to. He didn’t have to. Why did he just want to do it?”

“Well”, I said to her, “maybe he was just watching us carry the bags all the time, and, since we had never forced him to do it, he concluded that it was fun. After a while, he just wanted to do it. Isn’t it only natural… or supernatural?” Continue reading A Secret to Helping Your Child Love Reading