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“The Shack” book/movie – what it did for me

John Piper once shared an intriguing analogy of how a person wakes up to new life. Imagine that you are asleep and what you perceive to be your life is actually a dream. In this dream you eat, work, play, talk, read news, go to church. You may hear about God but he isn’t very appealing to you, to say the least. There are other things, people, activities, ideas which seem much more interesting.

But while you are sleeping, the real God approaches your bed. He stops and stands there waiting. Your dream-life goes on until one day you hear a word, or see someone’s act of kindness, or notice something in somebody’s eyes, or read a book – and this very moment the Spirit of God whispers into your ear: “Wake up!”

You open your eyes and the first thing you see is…God. But he is totally different from everything you thought of him in your dream. As you keep looking at him you suddenly realize for the first time in your life that you had been dreaming. Continue reading “The Shack” book/movie – what it did for me