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The teaching that cannot be taught

When Martin Heidegger was asked why he wouldn’t use general media, TV, radio, schools, textbooks etc. to propagate his philosophy he would say that this new type of thinking simply cannot be taught. You can’t put it in a textbook, you can’t systematically study it, and it has little or no content. The new type of thinking can only be demonstrated – it is revealed in a conversation. You can only discover it.

Conversation, by nature, is a spontaneous thing. Any attempt to structure a conversation will lead to its death, ultimately. If you try to structure your conversations with your wife, or friends, or children you will get anything but an organic interaction. Until our theology becomes conversational – live interaction with God and each other – it will continue leading us into a dead end. True theology (and philosophy) is a live conversation. It may not teach anything but it can reveal something. It may have no systematic content to be analyzed but it could demonstrate something.

Take, for instance, synergy, which is the theological concept describing God’s way of cooperation with man. Catholics and Orthodox love the concept, though view it differently. Protestants reject it – as Luther did. Is it possible to get a clear answer to this dilemma using a purely academic theological approach? Each side will have its arguments. And you can argue about it endlessly. As has been happening throughout the history. But what if the answer to this dilemma cannot be not deduced but is revealed in a conversation with God?  Continue reading The teaching that cannot be taught


The sweet tweet

It is so much fun to watch swifts wheeling and zigzagging in the sky covering the distance of a 100 yards in about three seconds. Mosquitoes, beware! It’s nice to know that this feathered bunch will destroy about 10 kilograms of insects a day. And on top of that they exude an air of sheer delight – they seem to be happy to be birds. Their jolly tweets are sweet music to the ear, their wheeling up and down is a dance of joy, their zigzagging is playfulness itself.

However, most of modern-day documentaries on animal life (National Geographic, for instance) often leave us with an impression that their life is all about survival. To us, humans, the life of animals and birds seems harmonious and peaceful but in reality those dumb creatures have to fight for survival every waking moment. Nature is cruel. The lion has to get an antelope every day or it will get weak and won’t be able to outrun the slowest antelope tomorrow. The migrating birds have to eat so much food every day to get enough fat and be able to make it to the South when the time comes. Sparrows have to fight over a crumb to prevent their species from going extinct. Continue reading The sweet tweet