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“The Shack” book/movie – what it did for me

John Piper once shared an intriguing analogy of how a person wakes up to new life. Imagine that you are asleep and what you perceive to be your life is actually a dream. In this dream you eat, work, play, talk, read news, go to church. You may hear about God but he isn’t very appealing to you, to say the least. There are other things, people, activities, ideas which seem much more interesting.

But while you are sleeping, the real God approaches your bed. He stops and stands there waiting. Your dream-life goes on until one day you hear a word, or see someone’s act of kindness, or notice something in somebody’s eyes, or read a book – and this very moment the Spirit of God whispers into your ear: “Wake up!”

You open your eyes and the first thing you see is…God. But he is totally different from everything you thought of him in your dream. As you keep looking at him you suddenly realize for the first time in your life that you had been dreaming. Continue reading “The Shack” book/movie – what it did for me


A funny story

Heard a funny story the other day. There was a child in one family that was always late for school. One day his mom, instead of the usual scolding, blowing up or bribing him, said: “My car is leaving at 7:30. If you get in – fine, if you don’t – fine”. That’s all she said. At 7:29 she was at the wheel waiting and her son was just out of bed, in his pajamas.

When he saw her start the car he rushed outside grabbing his books, and he made it on time – still in his pajamas. Mom didn’t turn the car back – they went straight to school. She dropped him off and went to work. The next morning she found him sleeping in his uniform ready to go. No more problems with being late for school.

For many people it would seem cruel. However teaching the child that I always mean what I say is the key to winning his trust. It’s cruel NOT to teach him that you can be trusted. It’s cruel NOT to let him feel from early on the natural consequences of his actions. It’s cruel NOT to make him responsible for what he does thus creating a false impression that he or she does things for mom and dad and not for himself. Continue reading A funny story